Insurance Assistance

With technology streamlining business, the days of calling around for estimates are over.

Insurers now offer what are called direct repair programs. These are programs in which insurers interview and qualify body shops according to their predetermined standards. These standards range from down time of the vehicle, warranty of the work, and most of all customer satisfaction. If a shop meets their exacting standards for repair, the shop is brought on board as a direct repair shop.

How Does Direct Repair Benefit You?

It means that the work is performed to an expected level of service and quality. Also, it means that the customer has a number of facilities in which they can choose from, and know that their insurance company is comfortable with the repairs being done. Finally, it means no hassle of getting multiple estimates and spending your day running from repair facility to repair facility trying to get estimates to turn in. It means one estimate, that is approved no questions asked, and you back in your car enjoying your freedom sooner.

Elmer’s Body Shop is a direct repair facility for a number of insurance companies, both major and minor. Any assistance we can give you in getting your car repaired is not only our job but it’s our pleasure. With over seventy five years of experience, Elmer’s Body Shop has built a network of insurance companies that we work with to repair your vehicle.