Winterize Your Vehicle

6 Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter

With the start of the New Year there is no doubt that you have made some great resolutions for things you want to improve in your life. When making your New Year resolutions it’s easy to forget about the vehicle that makes your life easier, especially in the winter time. Making sure your car will be able to function this time of year will save you time and money because just like with humans, cars can have a very hard time functioning through the cold, snowy, winter months. But, also like humans, if you take the necessary precautions to ensure that they will be able to function smoothly, your car will survive harsh winter conditions unscathed.

  1. If you have a garage park your car there, if not try to park car away from the direction of the cold wind when it is blowing. The less exposed to the cold the more your car will continue to work quickly and efficiently when you start the engine.
  2. When you start your engine- especially if it has been sitting outside in the cold for hours -give it time to warm up before driving the vehicle.
  3. Consider snow tires. Slippery roads can be very dangerous especially if you have no friction on your tires.  Snow tires will help you avoid getting into horrible accidents. It is also important to make sure the tires have enough pressure in them.
  4. Keep an Emergency kit in your car at all times especially during this winter season. Your emergency kit contains objects such as a flashlight, blanket, gloves, hats etc, kitty litter or sand to help tires get out of snow, ice scraper and brush, small shovel, coolant, snacks etc.
  5. Keep up with regular car maintenance.
  6. Don’t keep electronics plugged in cigarette lighter if they are fully charged to avoid draining the battery.


Even with all the time and preparation we put into making sure that our vehicles will run properly, unfortunately, sometimes accidents still happen. Should the worse happen to your vehicle be sure to give Elmer’s Body Shop a call. We will have your vehicle back on the road in no time.